Detective Pikachu 2019 Movie Explained

Hey ALL! Again it’s been a while! Time to give some opinions and talk about the latest and greatest thing to happen to cinema since… (insert your favorite movie here). Warner Bros and Ryan Reynolds released a trailer for Pokémon’s Detective Pikachu movie. A video of my reaction and some written opinions can be found down below past the break.

As Nintendo is starting to up its game in terms of making movie adaptations, with a Super Mario film being the first of hopefully many, a Pokémon movie was announced and will be viewable in theaters as soon as next Summer!

The movie is based on the 3DS game, Detective Pikachu, which follows the adventures of Tim Goodman and his missing father’s Pikachu as they solve mysteries and search for Tim’s father as well as a source of energy that causes Pokémon to randomly go on rampages. Tim in the movie will be played by Justice Smith, who was recently in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and the titular Pikachu will be played by Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds.

Pokémon is no stranger to films and movies since there are now over 20 animated films under its belt. BUT this will be the first time the world of Pokémon will be represented by a live-action/CGi hybrid film. As expected the Pokémon will all be CGi with humans and the world being practical. The quality of the CGi, specifically for the Pokémon, varies. Some of the Pokémon looked like improved versions of themselves from the games while others are clearly taken to the most realistic extreme. Overall though while the Pokémon can look uncanny in this film the CGi quality is still pretty good.

Story-wise the movie probably won’t follow the story 1-to-1 since it is a mystery game and having the exact same plot would spoil the game and vice versa so most likely the writers would have changed that up.

There were also A LOT of easter eggs in the trailer, far too many to count and list here, so true nerds and trainers will be able to catch all the references in the trailer.

I believe a lot of effort, time and care went into this trailer and I am very much hyped for this movie. Could this possibly be the first objectively good video game/anime adaptation movie ever? I think it could be. With all the talent behind and in front of the camera as well as Nintendo and Pokémon’s seal of quality being placed on the production, what could possibly go wrong?

Check out my video to see the trailer and to listen to more of my commentary on the trailer.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you guys next time whenever I get around to writing another article. Have a good one.

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