Commission Information and Rules

Terms of Service


These are the disclaimers and rules I run by.

  1. I have the right to decline a commission at any stage of the process.
  2. Please be respectful and kind. 
  3. I will give credit to who it is due but since the illustration is done by me I reserve the right to post on my various profiles.
  4. PayPal is my only method of payment so please send the currency through there.
  5. I can only except US currency. If you need to convert it just do it online please.
  6. Prices shown are base prices. having me add anything to illustration could cause the price to go up slightly.
  7. If you want some mature rated art you need to 18+ years old. 
  8. These commissions may take a while and I do have an outside life so asking for a due date is likely to be declined. Just email me to check on my progress if you wish.
  9. I have my own art style and I’m not perfect. If I make a mistake in the original sketch let me now all the detail right away otherwise after that, I’m finalizing it. 
  10. I NEED REFERENCES to both design and (optional) poses. If you want me to do a pose send me a reference other wise I’m making my own.

Exceptions to What I Will Draw

I love art and drawing but there are somethings I WILL not draw for one reason or another.

  1. Hate art containing racist, sexist, overly offensive or religious subjects. Ask me for more information.
  2. Gory and super violent battle art.
  3. Realistic looking art (I’m terrible at it, this may be subject to change if I practice more)
  4. Recolors or Original Characters that look too similar to official characters. 
  5. Making me draw my own characters doing something unless a character YOU own is involved. These commissions may be less expensive than others. (I’ll draw my own characters on my own time.)

You’re Role as a Client.

This may be somewhat a repeat of the policies segment but to be specific on you as the customer, this is what I expect of you.

  1. Please be kind and respectful.
  2. Make sure to have an idea of what you want me to do. This includes giving references and giving me some direction in what you would like me to do.
  3. When I finish the sketch give me your feed back so I can get  the okay to finish the illustration. I do things in a certain art style so don’t expect your character to look exactly like how he/she/it like your interpretation of it.

What Happens after it’s finished.

I will post the commissioned image on my various pages. I will also email you a link to these art pieces. From there you can download them and post them on your pages as well. It’s your money well spent so go ahead do what you will with it. But there are some exceptions to this.

  1. Don’t edit it
  2. Don’t remove the water mark I put on it
  3. Don’t sell it


If necessary I will refund the art. but only at a certain point. If I’ve already finished the illustration I cannot refund your money since I already did all that work. If you change your mind by the time I reach the Color stage I will refund it fully, anything  after that up to Visual FXs I’ll be keeping $10 and once it’s been finished I can’t refund it.

Ninon refrence break up

Commission Process

  1. You’ve obviously read this entire page to get this far so now that you know the rules, fill out a form and provide the required info and remember to provide details as discussed in the “You’re role as a client” Section.
  2. I’ll email you with a response and decide wether I can accept your proposal or not. If I accept it I will sketch a draft and show it to you for approval. If I decline, sorry, I may be busy with other commissions or you didn’t meet the criteria. You can always try again at a later date.
  3. I will send you progress via e-mail or through the website. Once you approve of the sketch, I will then ask for full payment.
  4. Once I receive payment, I will send you an e-mail or message confirming the payment. And the commission will officially begin.
  5. Like I said before time spent on a commission will vary but your commission will a top priority. If you wish to see where in the process I am, feel free to message me and I’ll show you.
  6. When finished, I will post it on specific websites.
    1. Furry related will be posted on all sites. (Furaffintiy, Devart, Here)
    2. All other art will be posted (Here, Devart)

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