Mega Man 11 Review and Let’s Play

Hello, my normie readers. Mega Man 11 released a few days ago and being the Mega Fan I am I played through the entire game with a friend of mine. You can see my first episode after reading through my second ever written review down after the break.

I’ve played through the previous Mega Man games and then some so I have a lot to say about how this holds up against the previous entries. Gameplay wise it’s pretty spot on when compared to the NES games of the 80s and 90s. The controls are precise and tight so old fans can play the game without having to learn or adapt to a new playstyle. That is except for the new Double Gear system which allows you to both power-up Mega Man’s weapons allowing for more powerful and larger attacks and also slow down the game so Mega Man can dodge enemy attacks and obstacles more easily. This is the main selling point of the game and it works super well so good on Capcom for polishing this new mechanic and designing the game around it.

In terms of graphics and effects, the game could be a bit better but the simple graphics and aesthetics are meant to be callbacks to the older 8-bit games so perhaps it can be forgiven.

The soundtrack, unfortunately, is probably the weakest in the whole classic series with having several forgettable songs that can sometimes be drowned out by the loud sound effects that play over them. I blame the instrumentation and the lack of variety for the different tracks. Literally, every song sounds the same and has a similar progression and tempo to them which causes each track to blend together. It’s fine to listen to during gameplay and perhaps you could remember the songs after multiple listens but compared to previous games where they effortlessly engaged me with their sounds it’s a far cry.

This game is possibly the most difficult and intense Mega Man game out to date, and this is just on the casual mode. The game has so much going on and there is so much emphasis on the new Double Gear system that playing without this new feature can almost seem impossible.  Don’t be afraid to play Mega Man 11 on newcomer or casual mode. Mega Man games are known for their replayability so visiting the game again on higher difficulties is always a fun challenge and always grants a new experience for all players.

As a whole, I appreciate Capcom trying to break away from the series’ 8-bit routes but at the same time, it’s like they’re trying to stick to the conventional formula that works for the older games but not so much for this one. As a fan, there are a few nitpicky issues I had that I hope will get addressed in future updates. Personally, I would like having multiple playable characters, specifically Protoman and Bass (check out Mega Man 10, my second favorite Mega Man game).

There’s a lot to be said about Mega Man 11 but if I had to sum up the whole game in a single adjective, I would say…… Pretty good. It’s not my favorite of the series, Mega Man 5 is best Mega Man, but it’s fresh enough for old players to return and enjoy themselves, and engaging enough for new players to pick up and have fun.

To watch my Let’s Play of Mega Man 11 and know when I’m coming out with a new episode, please check out my YouTube channel, subscribe and hit the bell icon to know when the next part comes out. THANK YOU for reading and I’ll see you next time whenever I get around to writing another article. Have a good one. 

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